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Request a demo to learn more about RiskCenter 360, including:

  • • SandBox Simulator – allows you to see the effects of adding a rule and its impact on alerts or actions in sync with the system and in the same detection environment.
  • • What If Simulator - By recreating the context of each transaction, this simulator analyzes how much fraud could have been detected with a particular rule using the historic data of an already identified fraud scheme.
360 Gráfica

As fraud keeps evolving

Clients deserve a 360 view of their business to manage and mitigate fraud.

  • Protection against all internal and external fraud operators regarding financial products, identity theft and card not present (CNP) transactions.
  • Financial transaction and non-financial transaction analysis processes with relational, profile and exception behavioral analyses resulting from multichannel monitoring.

Fraud travels freely between countries.

That's why RiskCenter 360 shares each event or fraud instances with our clients within their region. This way we can build a halo of protection for the benefits of our clients throughout the entire region.


Flexibility and scalability for your operation:

  • An integrated platform that eliminates security gaps
  • Based on the Microsoft Azure cloud
  • Contracted as a SaaS (Software as a Service)
  • Scalable so that it can adjust and address customer needs and requirements

Compliance and security as a priority:

  • PCI (Payment Card Industry) compliance to ensure data protection standards for the payment industry are met.
  • Tokenization – Protection of sensitive data using Secure TX
  • PA -DDS Certification via PayStudio Secure TX
  • Compliance with mandates from major brands (Visa, MasterCard, others)